Monday, November 9, 2009

Still Unpacking...

Okay, it has been a week and while in some places it is starting to look like home, I go into another room and it is still chaos! lol I feel so isolated without our high speed internet connection setup yet (ha ha) I have to ponder whether each place I go to online is worth waiting for the page to load....yes, very oldskool. Otherwise all is well. Weather has been rainy but we are having so much fun spending time with friends. I found Olivia a very sweet German nanny to care for her a few hours a week while I unpack or do errands out in the rain/cold. Her name is Silke and she is absolutely wonderful. We are lucky to know her. I have lots of pics of the house but can't download them with the connection we are currently using. They will be posted soon, don't worry. Right now I am glad to see my sewing machines out with the fabric, just can't seem to find the embroidery attachment. Darn those movers.... well, off to open more boxes and see what I come across, wish me luck :)