Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hi, just wanted to say Welcome to anyone new checking out the site. I know it is not much yet, but soon I will link my etsy store here so you can check out my merchandise. I also welcome any suggestions for items you guys might want to see me sell. Right now I have some Halloween bows, Tooth Fairy Pillows and Baby Tag Type Blocks/Blankies on sell on our military website for the base area. We are also trying to get a group of ladies together that like to sell their crafts so we can just meet up and also go to places on base to display our items together in hopes it will bring in more customers if we have variety. I will be doing a drawing at the end of next month for a free surprise item from among my blog followers, so I am trying to get the word out to all potential customers. No pics to add today, I spent all morning trying to locate fake bugs for Matthew's zombie costume with no luck. Maybe tomorrow I will have a better turnout...I can't believe it is so last minute, I am always so ahead of the game with Halloween, especially since we do a party almost each year. I will forgive myself since it just couldn't be done with all our stuff in storage awaiting the move. :) It will be so nice to be in our own place, though, that's for sure. Well, time to go check email and work on the etsy store.